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Birdie Everything ™ 

Ball Markers That Give Back!

Play golf your way with a golfball marker that speaks to you and reflects your personality on the course!

One afternoon on a Summer's day hitting balls on the driving range, a father and his young daughter walked up to me. Being the only woman hitting golfballs, I was perfectly positioned for what the father asked next. "We were watching you hit golfballs and my daughter really wants to learn, can you please show her?"  

She took to it quickly and loved it. You could see her eyes light up when she hit the ball.  I encouraged her to keep going and keep practicing and I took the ball marker off of the brim of my cap and gave it to her. I explained to her that when she got out on the course she needed a marker.

Well I lost touch with that father and daughter on the driving range. Fast forward years later and she reached out to me on social media. She was still playing and absolutely loved the game and had continued to play and develop. 

Scrolling through her pictures, there she was with a beautiful golf swing and quite the young lady! There were pictures of her and her dad playing and, a ball marker that I recognized on the brim of her hat all those years later!

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