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Clinics start the week of March 14th!

Space is limited!!!

Clinics Available for  Women

Clinics for Girls

What type of player are you?

Sign up in 30 day blocks & work on the skills you need!

Clinic Offerings

* Clinics offered may vary week to week based on availability & demand. Some classes may be mixed age groups*


Color Coded Classes.jpg



Girl with Golf Club

How to start!

Are you new to the game of golf?

Do you have dreams of playing golf with friends? Loved ones? Have a competitive spirit and want to compete in a new sport? Want to learn so you can try out for the high school team? Or maybe you just want to learn something new!

Start with the online Welcome Call and plan on getting started with Putting 101. No equipment is needed and following the Welcome call you will get a customized guide to get started!

All you need to decide is when you want to start your 30 days of unlimited classes and we will do the rest!

Golf Balls

How the Birdie Belief Project works!

Learn the game from finish to start!

Here is what we mean, start with learning how to putt and then learn progressively bigger golf movements. Below you will find a color coded map of all of the clinic topics we offer at the Birdie Belief Project. Blue classes are given online, green are the new to golf classes, yellow is intermediate, red are advanced and pink are specific for hitting the ball further.

Within the 30 days of membership sign up for as many classes as you like! No need to worry about which location either. If it is a topic you want to learn about, sign up! No matter if you want to take Putting 101 twice to make sure you understand it or take Mobility 101,202 & 303 to make sure that you are in good health before starting Full Swing 101, you choose! 

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