February 2, 2017

So cruising through my twitter feed this morning I saw this trick shot! How fun is this? So admittedly, this shot is NOT in my bag! I am a fan of keep it simple. Hit it straight and go from there. Are there times when you need your own "trick shots" though? The answer...

January 31, 2017

The weather outside is frightful or maybe it is delightful where you are but one thing is certain, it is not consistent! Today's high is a relatively warm 54 degrees, this weekend there is a chance of snow! 

So what do you do? You want to be ready for the spring or...

October 29, 2016

Soooooo I am attending the Dave Pelz 3-day scoring school! Never stop learning and growing in your golf game. I highly recommend the school. So many "aha" moments!!!! 

Happy Golfing my Friends!


October 20, 2016

Happy golfing from the Nation's Capital!

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