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What is

theBIRDIEBELIEF project ?

At The Birdie Belief Project™, we teach you not only how to play golf, but how to believe in yourself! The game of golf draws so many parallels to how you live your life. Join us in believing that the next hole is another chance, another way to believe in yourself and to believe in birdies!


Belief Clinics


Belief Tour

LPGA Girls Golf

And More!

The Birdie Belief Project invites women and girls to participate where ever they are and helps them to move to where they want to be! Choose 1 or all of the programs that fit your golf goals. There is something for everyone from education, social activites, competitive events & girls activities!

Belief is the key that opens doors to do more, score better and go further in golf. Putting new golfers in position to make birdies starts them on a path of having success early and believing that they can do it.  For those that have been playing, we put you in situations to have fun focusing and the parts of the game that will get you better faster! 

#ibelieveinbirdies  do you?

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