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Are you Ready For Spring?

The weather outside is frightful or maybe it is delightful where you are but one thing is certain, it is not consistent! Today's high is a relatively warm 54 degrees, this weekend there is a chance of snow!

So what do you do? You want to be ready for the spring or that winter golf getaway but you can't practice ... or can you?

With Top Golf sweeping the country and popping up in a neighborhood near you that may be an option to swing a little and spend time with friends. Another option is to outfit your house with a few items from and get to work on your short game!

Almost Golf specializes in making golf balls that are a foam consistency but feel and perform a lot like real golf balls. You can refine your short game skills with out breaking things! I don't always have the time to go out to my local Top Golf. I don't always want to brave the weather even though the driving range is open. I do however enjoy watching my favorite tv show (new season of Scandal! YAY!) and taking out my almost golf balls and chipping into a small net in my living room!

Try it out folks! See how even an hour a week will transfer to lower scores on more confidence on the course when the weather changes!!!!

Breaking Par For The Rest of Us!


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