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2023 Goals!

What are your golf goals this season?

Goals have to be SMART! What is a SMART goal? It is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, TIME BASED! Here is what I mean, if you have never played golf before and you want to shoot in the 70s by the end of the Summer and you can only practice or take lessons once a month then maybe we need to come up with something a little more realistic!

Now I am not saying that you can not push yourself! Please do!!!! The good news is, golf provides a wonderful way to

measure your progress. Do you want to complete 9 holes for the first time? Do you want to play your first 18 hole round? Do you want to break 100? Break 90? Break 80? Break 70? Let's come up with a plan! Join us Monday evening for a Zoom call about developing a plan this Monday! Newbie golfers defined as those who have never been on a course before will be at 6:00 pm EST, those who have some scores to look at will be at 7:15 pm EST Monday 4/10/23!


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